Established in 2004, Advanced Circuit Engineers provides the highest level of expertise in the industry performing atomic resolution TEM-STEM imaging, EELS-EDX, SEM, Dual-Beam FIB cross-section / TEM lamella sample preparation and FIB Circuit Edit services down to 7nm!


About Us

Located in the heart of silicon valley, ACE offers advanced failure analysis and microscopy services to high tech industries that include Semiconductors, IP and litigation analysis, Automotive, Ceramics, Glass, Aerospace, Military & Defense, Batteries, Biotech & Medical, MEMS and solar. We know how critical a quick turnaround can be for our clients, without compromising on quality or charging ``expedite fees``. We provide local pickup and drop-off services, and we invite our clients to work directly with our operators during sessions. Call or email to learn how we can help you get the results you need.


We are comprised of highly specialized engineers who are technical experts in there individual disciplines.  Our engineers utilize knowledge driven methodologies and innovative techniques to provide the best solutions for our clients.


Using the latest in advanced analytical equipment, ACE labs provides our customers with dependable, precision failure analysis solutions.


We care for and are committed to our client’s success. Willing to go to the mile, to do what it takes to meet our clients needs and exceed expectation with every engagement.


Strongly committed to customer satisfaction, we consistently go the extra mile as we strive to be the “go-to” FIB , SEM, TEM laboratory for emergency request.  Same day service, next business day and weekend service without any additional expedite fees.

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