FIB Cross-Section | Dual-Beam

FIB Cross-Section | Dual-Beam FIB-SEM | TEM Lamella Sample Preparation | EDS

ACE offers a full line of Dual-Beam (FIB-SEM) applications ranging from: TEM Lamella Sample Preparation service, Failure analysis Cross-Sections, High resolution SEM imaging, nano-machining, STEM and EDX analysis.

Competitively priced

    • Discounts for volume work
    • No “rush-surcharge” expedite fees
  • Quick turn-around


    • High resolution Scanning Electron Imaging (HR-SEM)
    • 20nm-100nm TEM lamella sample preparation “lift-out”
    • FIB Cross-Sectioning
  • EDX, STEM, ION beam nano-machining

Onsite Collaboration

  • Feel free to stop by and work with our analyst on your project

Helios Nanolab 660 Dual Beam


System configuration and capabilities

  • TEM Lamella Preparation service | ~20nm – 100nm Lamella

  • Precision FIB Cross-Section (site specific) | Ultra High-Resolution SEM imaging

  • Elstar high resolution electron column (1nm resolution) Imaging modes: SE/BSE/STEM

  • Sample size – Up to 8” wafer can be loaded through front door; 60% of wafer can be imaged without the need to break or cleave

  • Electron and ion deposition of carbon and platinum for site marking and protection during ion milling

  • EDS analysis using Bruker Quantax Espirit microanalysis software with XFlash 6/60 detector. Elemental data can be collected in Spectral, Line scan and Mapping modes

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