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FIB Cross-Section | Dual-Beam FIB-SEM | TEM Lamella Sample Preparation | EDS

Utilizing the Nanolab 660 Dual-Beam (FIB-SEM), ACE offers a full line of applications ranging from: TEM Lamella Sample Preparation service, Failure analysis Cross-Sections, High resolution SEM imaging, nano-machining, STEM and EDX analysis.


Competitively priced

    • Discounts for volume work
    • No “rush-surcharge” expedite fees
    • Quick turn-around


    • High resolution Scanning Electron Imaging (HR-SEM)
    • 20nm-100nm TEM lamella sample preparation “lift-out”
    • FIB Cross-Section
    • EDX, STEM, ION beam nano-machining
    • Electrolytic-Electroless Microvia analysis

Onsite Collaboration

  • Feel free to stop by and work with our analyst on your project

Helios Nanolab 660 Dual Beam

FIB Cross section Lamella prep Nanolab 660

Nanolab 660 System configuration and capabilities

  • TEM Lamella Preparation service | ~20nm – 100nm Lamella

  • Electrolytic-Electroless Microvia analysis

  • Elstar high resolution electron column (1nm resolution) Imaging modes: SE/BSE/STEM

  • Sample size – Up to 8” wafer can be loaded through front door; 60% of wafer can be imaged without the need to break or cleave

  • Electron and ion deposition of carbon and platinum for site marking and protection during ion milling

  • EDS analysis using Bruker Quantax Espirit microanalysis software with XFlash 6/60 detector. Elemental data can be collected in Spectral, Line scan and Mapping modes

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