About Us


Our Story

Founded in 2004, Advanced Circuit Engineers (ACE) an ITAR compliant laboratory has been providing Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA) services with the highest level of expertise in performing FIB circuit edits on front side and flip chip packages to the semiconductor industry.

In 2014, ACE expanded into Material Characterization and Physical Failure Analysis (PFA), and now offers among its services sample preparation, SEM/EDS,  SEM/FIB dual beam, TEM sample preparation, HRTEM, STEM (BF, MAADF, HAADF), EDS, EELS, Electron Holography, and Tomography.

Our Dedication

Located in the heart of silicon valley, ACE offers advanced failure analysis and microscopy services to high tech industries that include Semiconductors, IP Litigation Analysis, Automotive, Ceramics, Glass, Batteries, Biotech & Medical, MEMS and solar.

We know how critical a quick turnaround can be for our clients, without compromising on quality or charging “expedite fees”.

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