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FEI Titan 80kV-300kV TEM/STEM

Aberration-Corrected Atomic Resolution TEM Imaging

FEI TITAN Probe-Corrected TEM-STEM analytical lab services.  Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) is an advanced analytical field emission electron microscope capable of atomic-level imaging and analysis of various types of materials.

With the option for atomic imaging, diffraction, doping, elemental EELS and EDX analysis, TEM has demonstrated its wide usage in material development.  TEM is also utilized for device failure analysis, including multi-layer interfaces, quantum wells, dislocations, thin film / surface analysis, microvia and compositional mapping.

High angle annular dark field (HAADF) images in STEM mode are strongly dependent on the average atomic number (Z-contrast) and are not strongly affected by dynamical diffraction effects or by sample thickness variations.

Competitively priced

  • Discounts for volume work
  • No “rush-surcharge” expedite fees
  • Quick turn-around

Onsite collaboration – feel free to stop by and with with our TEM analyst on your project.

TEM for process development:

  • Thermal low pressure chemical vapor deposition LPCVD 
  • Plasma Enhanced chemical vapor deposition PECVD 
  • Thin films | Material defect | IC analysis
  • Electrolytic-Electroless Microvia analysis 


  • Sub-Å resolution in probe-corrected STEM mode
  • Large area windowless EDS detector (0.45sr)
  • EELS quantification and mapping
  • Tomography and holography
  • 80, 200, 300kV accelerating voltages


TEM Imaging Lab services

System configuration and capabilities

  • Acceleration voltage range: 80kV to 300kV

  • Sub-Å resolution in probe-corrected STEM mode

  • Doping and material characterization analysis

  • EELS or EDS quantification and mapping

  • Tomography and holography

  • Large area windowless EDS detector (0.45sr)

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